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Dec 29, 2009

Scenes from Christmas

This was the general feel of the day, or should I say week, of Christmas.


There was also a good bit of this feeling as well: a combination of excitement and Crazy Teeth. Have I told you about Colin's Crazy Teeth? He has two middle bottom teeth and the two fangs on the top, no Front Teeth yet. (I know, it WAS all he wanted for Christmas.) He is so trendy right now, what with his vampire motif. Let's be honest, it's a little creepy.

Crazy Teeth

Patrick and I (well, mostly just me) insisted upon waking up at our own house on Christmas morning so that we would have a few hours just with the three of us. This is when it is helpful to house a three year old inside you - our Christmas was as fun as any of the others simply because I was so excited for Colin and Patrick to open their gifts.


Colin got to spend some good time with his Aunts...

Aunt Time

and his cousin, The Best Nephew Ever.

Cousin Time

Santa brought Colin a Real Red Wagon, which he delivered to my mother's house and which Colin would spend the rest of his life in if given the choice.


Wagon Happy

Keeping the crazy family schedule that we did, there was not a lot of down time, so most of Colin's naps over the last five days were in the car.


But that left plenty of time for rediscovering old friends, like this dog-chewed ball that goes to some unknown and long forgotten toy.

Looky, a Ball!

Or making fun of the particularly awful gingerbread house I made.

Ugly House

... with the questionable character outside.


It was a lovely few days, but I'm glad for a few days off with Colin to recover from the Christmas Crazy and to watch the snow fall.


3 Readers rock!:

Katie said...

so precious! all of it! :) Miss you!

tracy said...

Wonderful! Loved all the pictures! Colin is too adorable! And by the way, your gingerbread house came out looking terrific! Thanks so much for sharing!

Kipper's Mommy said...

Oh Katie - I loved these pictures. Wish I could hug Colin (and you - and Patrick) in person, but know that I'm doing it long distance! Love you all - Happy New Year! Aunt Linda