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Feb 28, 2010


My family came over for dinner tonight, my father and his sweetheart and the Baby Mama with the Best Nephew Ever and my Bro-in-Law, and we had a lovely time. However, while they were here, I learned the Patrick and I do not, in fact, have a week of vacation together in May like we thought we did, and I promptly burst into tears. This was embarrassing for everyone.

I start clinic tomorrow for Internal Medicine and, truthfully, I’d rather poke out my eyeball. I miss the hospital already.

Last month, I was rotating with a dermatology resident who was the stereotypical beautiful, thin, perfect skin and impeccable knowledge girl. I learned a ton from her on a broad range of topics, from starting an ACE inhibitor in a diabetic patient with protein in their urine to which dry shampoo is the best to laser hair removal to which websites have good return policies on their designer clothes. It was an enlightening month in many respects.

Inspired by said resident, I got my hair cut yesterday but instead of feeling better about myself, I left feeling that I lead a pretty pathetic life. Most people get their hair cut for their social life and upcoming events. I get my hair cut AS my social event of the week. The Baby Mama even had to Colin-sit, as Patrick was working.

I got new glasses this week and I love them with the fire of a thousand suns. They, on the other hand, are cheering me up a bit. Aren’t they lovely?


On the bright side, I rearranged the furniture in my house today and so, as expected, I am feeling much better.

Also on the Feeling Better Front, I’ve been yoga-ing regularly and it has done good things for my mood and self-esteem. However, it has not done anything for my waistline or my clothing choices, so that falls squarely in the Bummed-Out-Katie column.

I am really, really looking forward to Spring, this year more than usual. I miss the sun.

4 Readers rock!:

Long Family Chronicles said...

I love the glasses!! Also loved the comment about the ACEI and proteinuria in the diabetic! You go girl... you will be a pharmacist's favorite friend ... too often that one gets overlooked! :) Here is another one for you .... coumadin and septra REALLY do interact ... and it does nasty things to the INR ... so make sure to check that after two days of Septra .... be prepared to hold coumadin doses! Ha!

XE said...

Pretty as a picture Katie!

tracy said...

Looking lovely!

As far as Spring...well, it's a step closer to Summer and "my boys" (husband and son) getting out of school, however, i like it to get dark early. Go figure....the vampire in me??
That bright, hurty thing in the sky....blerg.

Tiff said...

Yes, as I was reading, it sounds a bit like the seasonal depression that Ryan experiences every winter. I haven't noticed it until this year with me...lack of sun has made me a wad of blah.
Yay to the new glasses and yay to yoga!
And remember spring is right around the corner!