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Feb 18, 2010

Status Quo

I walked around all afternoon today with a great – great – idea for a post in my head. I distinctly remember chuckling at my own brilliance several times and could not wait to sit down at my computer and birth this idea into the world.

Naturally, now that I’m here at my computer, I have no memory of what this spectacular idea was.

Instead, I’m in scrubs with coffee (mine from last night’s call) and yogurt (Colin’s from dinner) stains on them, blowing my nose repeatedly from yet another baby-vector virus, and hoping that Patrick hurries up with dinner because I’m hungry over here. Colin is in bed and should have had a bath before bed because he’s really enjoying dipping his food right now, which leaves a terrible, terrible mess, but he can’t get a bath at the moment because he broke out in some unknown rash today, which he then scratched to the point of bleeding everywhere, requiring the daycare to call me for rescue.

Can you tell by my repeated run-on sentences that we’ve been busy again at my house?

My Internal Medicine rotation is going well; I like it a lot in spite of my prior reservations, but I should have anticipated this, as I love working in the hospital. Next month, however, is a clinic month. So while you may hear from me more, it will only be to complain about clinic.

My patient that I wrote about the other day is miraculously still alive, but is worse than before. I’m not directly involved in the care anymore; we don’t cover the ICU and or patients who teeter along that very fine edge, but I still go visit every day and pace in the room while I watch the machine do the breathing.

And, because I made such a huge deal about it before that I really should wrap it up, Colin is doing great at his new “school”. Better than great. He loves it there. He has friends and he likes the teachers. He has favorite toys and they finally understand about the Blanket. He doesn’t cry when we drop him off. Instead he waves goodbye and toddles off to find his favorite blue car from the bucket. When we arrive in the afternoon to pick him up, he is happy to see us and glad that we are there, but he has no interest in leaving. He’s busy, see, and has things to do. These buckets aren’t exactly going to dump themselves, you know.

So we’re all doing well, as long as you don’t include the state of the house in your definition of “well”. Patrick and I are going out ALONE tomorrow night for Valentine’s Day/our 11-year anniversary and I am more excited about this date than is reasonable. Colin is having a sleepover with The Best Nephew Ever and, if he possessed the capability to understand the concept of future events, I’m sure he would be totally stoked as well.

O, Happy Day!