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Jun 18, 2010


On my way home today, I stopped to let a woman and her dog cross the street. It was a furry black dog, the kind that make you wonder how it sees through the fur covering its eyes. The woman was an older lady wearing a sundress and orthopedic shoes. When they were about halfway across, the dog stopped and sat down right in the middle of the street, about six inches from my car. The woman looked at me and looked back to her dog, begging him to move. He sat and panted and looked back at his person lovingly but steadfastly refusing to move.

Watching this from my car, I couldn’t help but giggle. I wanted to get out and snuggle that dog to bits. I feel that way too! I need a minute to catch my breath and rest, look around and see what is happening. Assess, take stock. Make a plan and make decisions. Stretch. Feel. See. Think. Love.

Life has a tendency to be overwhelming in my house and now is no exception. I have taken to my usual list-making and picking at my nails. But instead of talking about that here, I would like to break from the norm and ask you for something.

I would like to ask for your prayers for some of the people I love. If you don’t pray, perhaps you could send your thoughts or good karma or whatever you believe in. Here is my list of prayer/thoughts/karma/whatever requests:

My friend Bob. He was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has been undergoing surgery and radiation all while fighting an epic battle with various health insurance demons. The spirit with which he lives his life continues to be an inspiration to me and his writings about his life now that cancer has made itself a guest in his house are articulate, funny, and obscenely tender. Please think of him, his lovely wife, and his mother, all of whom are dealing with this illness.

My friend Chad. One of my oldest friends, Chad is one of those people who knows me way too well, has been through more with me than anyone else, and deserves all that life has to offer. When I saw him at a wedding last weekend, he told me that he feels unsure. His life doesn’t fit him all the time and he doesn’t know his path. While I don’t think that anyone is ever completely sure that they’re on the right track, please keep Chad in mind as he searches.

My newlywed friends Colleen and Terry. The couple of the aforementioned wedding, they are starting their life together. Colleen and I describe each other as soulmates, as we seem to have lived very much the same life. I watched her marry her best friend on Saturday and am so looking forward to meeting their children (they’re both Catholic – they’ll be along soon enough) and celebrating with them for decades. Please keep them in your prayers as they learn about life after the wedding.

My cat Emma. I am of the belief that whatever higher power exists in the universe is often manifested in the animals for which we are responsible. My little cat, the only cat that Colin likes or notices, is dying. It may be slow or it may progress quickly, but the process has started and is now inevitable. You may hate cats, but please think of my little girl, my very first pet, the first responsibility I ever had outside of my own self, who is sick and alone tonight in a veterinary hospital.

I’ll pray for yours if you pray for mine. Let the comment section be our prayer/thought/karma/whatever chain.

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Alykat said...
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Alykat said...

And my (and Bob and Martha's) friend Alan, who just a few months ago said that he often considered going back to specalize in veterinary oncology because battling cancer is such a great challenge, and now is fighting a personal war against cancer.
So sorry to hear about Emma- she is a very special girl!

barrie said...

Sending much love to Emma from afar as she prefers it to be ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your prayers, I will pray for you and yours. In particular prayers for sweet Emma. If there is no cure may she and you be healed and made whole by the love that exists between you...


tracy said...

Prayers for all the loved ones in your life. You are a lovely friend to make this request.
So very sorry about kitty.

Pennsy said...

Blessings and peace to all who are on your heart. And for Charlie whose asthma is keeping him from the biopsy that has his family pretty scared right now...