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Aug 13, 2010


After I dropped Colin off at school this morning, I checked our little mailbox. Inside was not the usual monthly calendar or the newsletter announcing the upcoming birthdays. Instead, I was informed of the following:

“Colin will be transitioning into the TWOs room at the end of this month.”

I had been informed, via day care mailbox, that Colin is growing up. Just like that, he’s being “transitioned”, without any input from me or Patrick or anyone. What if he’s not ready to be moved just yet? He just got a new teacher, isn’t that enough change for one little person? I mean, do they cut up the food in the TWO room or are they supposed to just choke on the big pieces? Throw them to the wolves and see who comes out ahead? Do they allow MaiMais in the TWO classroom? Will he still be snuggled in the mornings when we drop him off? Will the other kids make fun of him – in complete sentences, no doubt – while he sits in the corner and whimpers for his Mommy?


Okay, so I burst into tears as soon as I got into my car.

I’m sure it will be great. He will certainly enjoy hanging out with some of his old friends who’ve advanced ahead of him. And he’s clearly one of the more advanced kids in his class and will do well with some challenge. And I’m sure that they’ll be perfectly nice to him.

They will, right? Do you think they will? If falls and scrapes his knee, will they kiss his cheek and coo in his ear? The new classroom is so much farther down the hall; will they make sure he knows where to go?

This is a challenge, obviously, and one that I did not know would be so difficult. He’s not two until October, for crying out loud! This is just too soon… I just wasn’t ready for it yet…

Maybe a glass of wine (for me) will put things in perspective. Yes, let’s try that.

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~Ashley said...

oh, i can totally empathize-- they moved my little boy to a cot insead of sleeping in a crib at daycare--WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! and WITHOUT ANY WARNING! At least you were forewarned...