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Oct 9, 2010

Stepwise Birthday Party

How to have a firetruck birthday party in 10 Kinda Hard Steps

1. Get/Have a child near a birthday. The steps involved in this are beyond the scope of this discussion.


2. Clear your calendar for at least a month before the party. Make endless lists of lofty and likely unattainable projects that you plan to complete all by yourself.

3. Become obsessed with Dexter, watch first three seasons while you should be cutting/sewing/painting/baking/crafting things for your rapidly approaching birthday party.

4. Make a decoration or two, like this Fire Truck made from a wardrobe box. The more homemade it looks, the less likely someone will ask you where you bought it. The hard work shows in it's utterly amateur appearance.

Fire Truck Box

5. Go to Target and buy a bunch of pre-fab decorations the night before the party. Or the day of.


6. Stop by Trader Joe’s on the way home and buy a bunch of frozen appetizers and pre-cut veggies.

The Spread

7. Swing through Costco and pick up a cake. You can also attempt to make your own, but it will be difficult. I went with both options, just in case the cake I made was too awful to eat.


Also, keep the lighter handy for when you laugh and blow out the candle before the Birthday Kid has a chance to.

Relight the Cake

8. Have some great music. Or, at least,
entertaining music.

Party Music

9. Invite everyone you know, then lament how small your house is when everyone shows up.

Fams in the Box

10. Have a large piece of cake and enjoy yourself.

Cake and a Hat

1 Readers rock!:

Kate and Andrew said...

Aw! Happy Birthday Colin! I'm going to be throwing Sophie's 4th birthday party in a few weeks, thanks for the tips :) I'm with you on steps 5 through 7 or so except that Andrew bakes the cakes. And over the years he has earned my confidence so that I no longer have to preemptively have an alternative (though he knows the end product must be acceptable or there will be a store bought cake). The first birthday cake was horrendous (he tried to make an elephant) and we wound up at the Stop and Shop in Boston :) Anyways, Colin is such a big boy. Hope we get to see you soon.