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Dec 2, 2010


While I hate being away from this space for so long, I’m glad that I didn’t write more in November. It was a completely terrible month, spent in an absolute unmoving funk and, while you are such a supportive bunch, you do not need to be subjected to my foul, foul mood for that duration. That is what Patrick is here for. (Ha! I kid!) (Actually not.)

But Yay! Now it is December! Not only is Christmas drawing nigh, but I am back amongst my people in the world of OB/GYN and if I wasn’t convinced before that that is where I belong, I am on the Believer Train now. I love these people. I love the patients and the work, too. But when I walked into Grand Rounds the other day and was surrounded by the residents, I felt like I had come home. Though many of those particular people are still strangers, they feel like future friends. These are the kind of people that I want to be around all the time. I can’t wait until July. (Well, March 17th, Match Day. Then July.)

In other happy, not-grumpy news, Colin has grown up enough to finally provide me Funny Things My Kid Said stories! Can I share a few? Just a few, I promise.

1. He is learning to throw, and getting better at aiming. However, he throws on four. One… Two… Three… FOUR!
2. Identifying colors continues to be a challenge (I swear it is because he just isn’t paying attention) but he knows the names of all the colors. We sing various songs to him constantly with made up lyrics involving his name, and my current favorite is “I love my Colin/Oh, yes I do!/I love you so much/you know it’s true./When you’re not near me/I’m blue./Oh, Colin, I love you!” I know, I know, could you just die from the cuteness? Anyway, he came up with what I think is his very first joke: when he sings along with us, he changes the color, “When you’re not near me/I’m PURPLE!” and proceeds to absolutely die laughing.
3. This isn’t a specific story, but just a moment in awe of the language explosion. It is seemingly neverending. He now says, “Come on, Mommy!” and “What are you doing, Mommy?” (in this really condescending tone that never fails to make me cackle) and “I did it!”, among a thousand other new, expressive things that connect him to the world.
I hope you all had a lovely holiday, if you in fact had a holiday, and are looking forward to December excitement. Peace to you all.

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Erica said...

I love love love love love love LOVE Colin! And I love Funny Things My Kid Said stories. So happy for you that Colin has joined that club! Looking forward to hearing (and overhearing) more in the future. :) xoxo