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Jan 18, 2011

News for You

I don't know if this will be a shock to you or not. It was - and still is - for me. I am not sure why it all seems so unbelievable to me, but here I am, unbelieving. 

About a month ago, I was contacted by a lovely woman at Medscape, which is the medical professional sister of WebMD and eMedicine. She asked me to contribute to Medscape. As in, write things that would then be published on their website. Write things that would represent that well-respected name and also they would link back here, to my home base. 

I can't really express how excited I am about this. I've only told a few friends, and when I did, I tried to play it cool. I'm not very good at playing it cool, which I normally view to be a personal strength (hence the exclamation point after my name here), but in this case was difficult. I wanted to play it off as No Biggie, just another thing to do, blah blah. But I really couldn't. MEDSCAPE! I look stuff up there! I went there for advice studying and for where to go to med school and for how to survive! Now people might go to my little corner of medscape and read what I have to say and be inspired by it! Granted, that is clearly best case scenario, but still, it could happen. 

The topic of my new home away from home is, as you might guess, The Match. I guess I talk about it kind of a lot already, so they figured they were getting someone who's had some practice at this. Regardless, I posted my and the blog's first post tonight. Here's an excerpt for you:

Truthfully, I hate wearing white coats, but there is nothing more that I want than to be a part of the Long White Coat Club. That coat denotes an important difference between the student/learner/observer/me and the real doctor/them. The difference is not just in graduating and earning a degree in medicine, but it is a public acceptance into the professional medical community. This is a future physician’s biggest and most career-defining moment, a culmination of everything accomplished or failed to achieve to date. This is the time where emotionally powerful music should be playing in the background at all times to emphasize the gravity of the situation.
If you're like me (and I kind of hope you aren't) you may be wondering: So you're going to be talking about the match as you go through the match. Huh. So what happens if you don't match? 

First off, are we even friends? That is not the kind of attitude that I need right now. Second, OMG I KNOW. I have no idea. Hopefully we won't have to deal with that (OMG) but if we do, I guess that will make for a very... informative post.

Don't worry, friends. Most of my neurotic ramblings will still be here and any news I have will be reported both places. Don't feel like you have to go there. But it would be cool if you did!

(P.S. I fixed the link up there. Sorry! This internet thingy is hard sometimes.)

3 Readers rock!:

Erica said...

You rock! Congrats on that honor...the most recent of many more to come, I'm confident. :)

Kelly said...

Great job on your first post, Katie! We're really lucky to have found you, and know you will produce some good stuff for us. Keep up the good work!



Katie said...

This is AWESOME! Super excited for you!