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Jun 7, 2011


I doubt this baby will ever come.
I doubt I’ll be able to handle two kids.
I doubt I’ll ever get to start work, especially if I’m pregnant forever as I suspect will be the case.
I doubt I can survive another night, another minute, of these relentless contractions that don’t produce a baby I can hold in my arms.
I doubt my house will ever be clean for more than five minutes.
I doubt my garden will make it through the summer.
I doubt I’ll fit into my old clothes again, not with these babies I’ve made with this body.
I doubt I’ll ever feel anything other than heat and pain, so long it has inhabited my life.
I doubt it’ll rain or cool off.
I doubt the tantrums will ever stop or the potty training will ever take.
I doubt I’ll be able to sleep, what with all the contractions and pain.
I doubt I’ll ever feel normal, cheerful, myself again.
I doubt these contractions will ever stop, even if, by some miracle, I do actually have a baby.
Still, I doubt this baby will ever come.

1 Readers rock!:

medstudentitis said...

this too will pass, never heard of someone being pregnant for over a year ;)