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Nov 25, 2007

Quickie List

Just a quick post to say a couple of things:

1. Apologies for the grumpy post last night. Chalk it up to the Med School Blues. I work really hard to keep a good, positive attitude, but sometimes it's a losing battle. But I'm better now!

2. Party in the comments section! I can't tell you how much I love the fact that people actually read this blog and find it in themselves to leave a written record that they were here! I LOVE IT. Thank you for visiting and thank you for leaving comments!

3. Patrick is on his way home right now. Even though I was up until 3:45 this morning on the phone with him while he decompressed and told me everything about the reunion last night, I am waiting at home for him so I can see him and he can show me all of his pictures. See? Better today. Perspective!

(Oh, no - maybe it's the Rhodiola kicking in... I'm really not all that panicked about my exam tomorrrow... *panic setting in...* That's better.)

Until tomorrow!

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