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Dec 13, 2007

And... Breathe

Done! Done! Done! Done! Done!

(Well, technically speaking, I have class from 8 - 12 tomorrow. But I'm not going. Not no way, not no how.)


I had an exam this afternoon and now I am finished until January 2! Yayay! I am in desperate need of a little breather... med school is HARD, yo. And this non-stop, test every week business is AWFUL, and then to top it off with taking away our Thanksgiving? Evil-doers, all of them.

So, as a reward to myself for surviving half of second year, I went to a movie this afternoon! A movie! In a movie theater! And I went all alone, which is my favorite way to go to a movie. I love to go and sit really close and be all alone in my row (preferably the whole place, but that is a rare treat) and totally hurl myself into whatever world is before me. I haven't indulged in this particular pleasure in ages. Like, maybe before med school started. Seriously, people. I don't get out much.

A bit of background: A favorite study break/time eating monster of mine is watching movie trailers. I love them and how producers can make anything look good. Even when it's bad, it's good. This hobby will occasionally lead itself to an obsession, where I will watch a trailer over and over (and over) until I have every bit memorized. I will read everything I can find about this movie. I will mark on my calendar the movie's release date. And then I will never see the movie. Countless popular favorites are in this category, most notably all of the new Star Wars movies, V for Vendetta, any horror movie (as I have previously stated, I cannot handle horror movies - but I love the trailers) or action movie, etc.

Well, this time I followed through! And in typical Katie style, I went all out. The movie in question is The Golden Compass. Even though I am and always have been an avid reader, I'd never heard of these books (the same thing happened for the whole Lord of the Ring cycle. Tolk-who?) so, when I read about the movie, I discovered the controversy. Controversy? Count me in! So I ran out and bought a giant book with all three of the books in it. Then today, having finished my exam, I actually saw the movie.

I started this post intending to review this movie, a YNKE first! But I'm spent. I'm sure you are too.

2 Readers rock!:

Alexine said...

So, in other words, you have no excuse not to hang out with your non-med school friends Sunday night? ;)

The Scrivener said...

Congrats on being done! I envy you -- I have a week and three exams between me and FREEDOM.

The His Dark Materials books are amazing. I have heard mixed reviews about the movie, though. Read the book(s)!