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Dec 17, 2007


Because medical school is trying to methodically suck the life out of me, I had no Thanksgiving break (as I whined about here) and it threatened to take away Christmas. Not in quite the same way, instead, because of being completely freaked out for several weeks leading up to break as well as the immediate vacation after Christmas, it didn't make sense to get a Christmas tree. You have to understand. I LOVE Christmas. LOVE IT. I could get really cheesy and sappy here, but I'll try to remain emotionally detached (I'm practicing for when I grow up). But seriously - not get a Christmas tree?!?!?! I had very strong emotions on this point.

Anyway, I was trying to keep my Big Girl Panties on about this and deal with it logically. But where will we put the presents?! We'll put them where we usually put the tree, just without the tree. But there is no Christmas in the house!! We're leaving for Christmas anyway, so it doesn't matter. BUT HOW WILL SANTA KNOW HOW TO FIND US?! That's a good point...

But we'd decided that it was best to skip the tree this year and, though I was trying to act like I was okay with this, I do not conceal my feelings well (hence the practicing detachment).

Last night I came home from the Roller Derby bout to see this in the window:

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And this upon walking in the door:

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Patrick is awesome. He even handed me a tissue when I burst into tears at the glorious sight of our new "back-up" fake Christmas tree. It hadn't even been fluffed out yet, so it looked awful, and I thought I'd never seen anything so lovely.

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dahmane said...

Awwww, that's terrific, what a guy, you are soo lucky! i just found your blog and love it already! i truly admire medical students and am fascinated by anything to do with health and medicine, so i look forward to reading more. Meanwhile, thank you!

best wishes, tracy bakestuff@hotmail.com