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Jan 21, 2008

Equal Opportunity

Guess what happened to me at yoga class tonight?

I was surrounded by BOYS.

Now, I realize that, in those big, lovely cities that some of you are so blessed to live in, there are boys that are into yoga. Boys that take it far more seriously than girls do and are very impressive and worthy to be drooled upon.

Lex is not one of those places. Here in this Southern town, boys play basketball and lift weights. They do not breathe deeply and attempt to touch their toes in relatively dim lighting. No, they do not.

Except tonight - they did! There were 9 people in the class (usually 6 or less) and three of them were male! And they surrounded me and I felt like we were coming into a new age of existence here in Lex: BOYS AT YOGA. Who knew such a thing was possible?

There may be hope for this little place yet!

(Panic about Path exam setting in - back to studying!)

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Xavier Emmanuelle said...

I wish that would happen at dance class! Then maybe I could actually meet some boys!!!!

There were boys in my dance classes in Toronto -- nice ones too, that were potential dating material -- but here it's ALL girls. That's okay, cause we can talk about girly stuff and have fun, but it sure would be nice to have another place to meet some cuties besides at the library :)