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Jan 26, 2008

First Time

Sorry for the absence, friends. I've still been battling this neat-o unknown gastrointestinal illness and it's kept me from being productive in any way. However, I did manage to go on a lovely date with Patrick last night. We hadn't been out and about in sooooooo long and we had a ball.

We went to the University Symphony concert, which was really (surprisingly) good. They had an interesting program and a couple of soloists that were quite talented. There was a doctoral piano student who played Rach 2 and only had one meltdown. It was pretty unfortunate, as she had done so well up to that point. As Patrick said, "it was like all the notes just went out of her head" and she just froze. Then, she found herself again, only to have the orchestra fall apart beneath her. Anyway, they kept going and eventually found each other again and had a strong finish.

The other soloist played a lovely piece on marimba accompanied by a string orchestra. It was really interesting piece, but it sounded like a soundtrack to a feel good underdog movie. Patrick was giving the play-by-play. "The underpriviledged kids didn't think they would be able to graduate... but they've figured out a way! Except now the snooty privileged principal won't let them do it.... but they've won her over!" It was highly amusing.

The best part about the concert for me, however, was this adorable little girl sitting in front of me. This was her first concert and she sat on her mother's lap in complete awe. She kept saying things like, "Mommy! What are those big brown things on the right of that guy waving his arms?" Her mother would reply, "That's a cello." "A cello. I love the cellos. Ooh! What are the shiny long things in the back?" Again, her mother would say, "Those are trombones." "Oh, I really love the trombones. They're so shiny!"

It was so nice to spend some uninterrupted time with Patrick. Afterwards, we went to a local place for some food and libation, one of my favorite places in Lex. Patrick had never been. We had a great time, talked into the night, and came home happy.

I made the observation this morning (when I was waking up around 10am) that I much prefer med school when there are no exams coming. It's way more fun to learn during the day and play at night. That's the way it should be! I think I'll write a letter to that effect to the dean. I'm sure he'll be happy to make the appropriate changes.

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