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Feb 7, 2008

Old Cat Update

We've had some issues revolving around Old Cat this week.

Earlier this week, our Fabulous Dog Walker had a little conversation with Neighbor Guy. He was being weird and asking questions, etc. He then saw Old Cat in our house and she ran out when she heard his voice. He flipped out a little and took her back to his deck, where he watched until FDW left.

After a flurry of emails between me and FDW, as well as endless conversations with Patrick, we were still unsure what to do. Technically speaking, we had... well, stolen is such a harsh word... All right, fine. We'd stolen Old Cat. But other than that little legality, what is so wrong about taking in a 16 year old DECLAWED cat whose strategy for cold and rain is to sit on your windowsill and cry to let her in. And that her fur is softer, her eye and respiratory issues have cleared up, and she has put on a little weight... is that bad?

Anyway, I was convinced that he was going to sue us for stealing his cat. I stressed about it for hours on end, then decided to write him a note and leave it for him to find when he got home from work (he works nights, so we rarely see each other). In the note, I apologized for not dealing with this sooner and that we were just looking out for Old Cat, who seems to have adopted us. I said that we love her and want to help take care of her.

That was Tuesday. I've been nervous for days about this and have been trying to get hold of Neighbor Guy since then. Finally today, I ran into him.

I drove into my driveway and he was outside with his dog. He was clearly not pleased to see me and I was nervous to confront him, but I jumped out of my car and called him over. I asked him if he'd received my note, he said he had, and then blurted out, "Please don't turn me in for neglecting my cat!"

I was taken aback! Here I thought he was going to try to take my fur faces away from me, and he thought that I was after him!

After that, everything was fine. I assured him that all I wanted was to take care of the cat if she needed it. He said that was fine and he didn't really care as long as she was okay.

All is well. Old Cat will be shared and well cared for. And everyone lived happily ever after.

4 Readers rock!:

The Shrink said...

Two folk doting over the wee thing.

All is good.

barrie said...

Whew! FDW here (I think I am going to change my biz name to that!) Old cat was on the deck crying to be let in when I put Myra and Sally up yesterday so I opened the door and let her choose and she ran inside. I bet your neighbor doesn't think I'm so fabulous ;-)

Dragonfly said...

Yay!!! Glad to hear. I want a cat of my ownsome..

Virginia said...

Thanks for writing this.