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Apr 17, 2008

Basic Instinct

This morning I had what I believe was my very first maternal instinct directed toward a human. (You know, I'm always maternal with the fur faces...) I was asleep in bed (really asleep) and Sally jumped up on top of me. Still in my slumbering state, I curled up into a ball to keep her from jumping onto my belly. The jumping onto the bed and being attacked by a dog tongue is not usually reason enough for me to wake up, but I sat up immediately when I realized that I had instinctively acted to protect the Turnip.

I have been a little worried about this. Protecting the dogs comes naturally, but when it comes to babies I tend to twiddle my thumbs and wait for someone else to deal with the problem. Even The Best Nephew Ever sometimes gets shafted because I just sort of stare at him while he turns blue and I patiently wait for him to deal with his little problem. (Not actually true - I usually scream hysterically and that gets Baby Mama's attention. I don't know that that's any better than just staring, though.)

Hopefully this recent development means that I will be a fit mother. Hopefully it does not mean that I will revert to the fetal position whenever a potential danger is afoot.

1 Readers rock!:

tracy said...

You'll be an excellent mama, i can just tell by reading your blog! hee, hee, you call the baby "the turnip"...we called ours "the critter"...the Critter is 16 now...sigh, my baby is almost all grown up!
i l o v e your "floaty" baby by the way!