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Nov 21, 2008

One Minute To Spare

Wow! We're finally home from a CRAZY shopping day . We drove home from Columbus, OH today and stopped at an outlet mall as well as the Ikea in Cinci. HOLY COW. We did some serious damage. It was awesome, there are stories, and all is coming tomorrow. We still have to unload the car and go up to the grocery for milk (as I cannot survive without milk) but we had to come straight inside and find the computer so that I could get this worthless post in!

Yay November!

2 Readers rock!:

Dragonfly said...

My mum bought me the BEST EVAH garlic press from Ikea (I use it about 7 times a week). One day I will ahve to step inside those doors..

Tiff said...

Love the Ikea!