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Aug 8, 2009

On to the next

So Peds is over. If I decide to do anything other than peds, I'll never have another rotation with kids again, though I will undoubtedly field calls from friends and family regarding their children.


I actually loved inpatient peds. Loved it. Loved it like a career potential. That's good, I think, because I feel like I have options. I could be a pediatrician, especially if I did a fellowship that would let me work in the hospital taking care of sick kids. I am a little concerned, however, that my liking this rotation is an indication that I am going to be one of those annoying people who like everything, and my final decision is going to be way harder than it should be simply because I can't stand to NOT do something.

I am hopeful that things will settle out in an obvious way and, once all is said and done, my path will be clear.

In the meantime, I'm on vacation now! Colin is sleeping, the pups are having a playdate with the neighbor kid (Miss Katie? Can Myra and Sally come over and play? Pleeeeeeease? I already put water out for them!), and Patrick has been asleep for eight hours post call. I've been trying to clean up the house after I allowed it to fall into Don't-Bug-Me-I'm-Studying Mode, which is never good. My to-do list for the month is a mile long and includes thrilling things like "find a doctor and go see them", "paint the kitchen a color I can stand to look at", as well as "develop a filing system that works, unlike the current system of piling everything to deal with on vacation". I think it'll be a busy month, but I am really looking forward to hanging out with Colin, getting some sleep, and getting back into habits that I value, namely exercising and writing.

Good things all around.

So how have you been?

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XE said...

Oh a puppy playdate, how cute! The kid who lives near you sounds absolutely adorable.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed paeds, and I can't wait to hear about your next rotation! In the meantime, enjoy your vaycay (and all that fun doctor hunting/painting/filing/etc. Haha).

I also am always glad to hear that other people's places fall into "don't bug me I'm studying mode", because right before important exams my apartment looks like a tornado blew through it. I couldn't see my kitchen counter for the week before the MCAT, it was seriously bad. I always hate to leave it in such a mess, but we've got our priorities straight I suppose ;) It's good to hear that I'm not the only one!!

Anonymous said...
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Alykat said...

My house is also in Don't-Bug-Me-I'm-Studying mode, and since I don't want to go strait from finals to cleaning, it is staying that way ONE MORE DAY!

Alykat said...

Ok, I had to be superdork and have the Chinese translated online...

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~Ashley said...

sounds like family med could be in your future :-D i wasn't in love with everything, i had interest in most everything and couldn't stand the thought of being a specialist. are you not so ob/gyn gung ho anymore?

Katie! said...

Xavier, you are by no means the only one with a post-apocalyptic decor around exam time! I do find it incredibly therapeutic to clean up said apocalypse after the exam is over. And once again, WOO HOO on the MCAT!

Thanks for the translation, Alykat. I have no idea what has been going on lately, but I've been inundated with Chinese spammers. Now at least I know that they are just advertising their new interior decorating business and not something unseemly. Still, would it kill them to write it in English? Good luck on your exams!

And to Ashley, no less interested in OB, just surprised at the possibility of options. Looking forward to having you close by soon! Kisses to your little one!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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