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Mar 11, 2010

Prepare for the Gouging

I miss you, my online friends. Stupid med school has kept me so busy and jumpy and, okay let's be honest, all-out grumpy that I have just not been able to write about it. Yes. It is that bad. I told one of the residents today that I would rather gouge out my own eye than do another two weeks of this rotation. He laughed uncomfortably and moved away pretty quickly. Should probably count that rotation out.

My class received part of our schedules for next year and, thus, there has been massive freaking out on all parts. Additionally, I met with my advisor for the first time yesterday, which was at once really great and completely intimidating. This is entirely too much pressure and stress for such a fragile thing like me.

Patrick and Colin are in Louisville tonight to visit Patrick's family and I am left all alone tonight. To celebrate/mourn, I ate a cupcake and some carrots for dinner, did the dishes, and read about the exciting world of kidney disease and cancers of the blood. To be totally truthful, I also caught up on some of my shows, which I expected to take all night but instead only took one hour since there haven't been any new shows in about a month. Where did all the shows go? Huh. A mystery.

Aren't you jealous of my awesome and thrilling life?

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tracy said...

Well, actually, YES!!!!!