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Aug 25, 2010


Personal Statement Topics that have Gone By The Wayside:

Rejected Topic #1: My own birth story (July in a teaching hospital)
Reason it Sucked: Saying “I was probably some new OB intern’s first delivery and I turned out okay!” just didn’t do it for me. Also, hard to work in a discussion of my strengths when my initial point was that I was lucky to make it out alive.

Rejected Topic #2: Former musician, now doc-to-be
Reason it Sucked: I’ll sing the best “Happy Birthday” rendition to your new baby that you’ve ever heard! Also, I used to dress up beautifully and sing songs for people, now I shower less frequently than I should, don’t wear makeup, gave up on contacts, and wear scrubs because I get blood and bodily fluids on myself all the time. Pick me!

Rejected Topic #3: I rocked out my own pregnancy and delivery
Reason it Sucked: I’m probably not the only one to have ever had a baby on the planet before, so it doesn’t need to be my reason for being and the impetus behind every single bloody choice I make. Get over yourself and your adorable, perfect kid already and quit rubbing in how cute he is.

Possibly Rejected Topic #4: Women are awesome
Reason it is currently sucking, although not enough yet to totally reject: Waaaaay melodramatic, feel like I need to mention kid to assert my heterosexuality, no way to talk about me because I’m too busy talking about how women are sooooo cooooool.

Future Rejected Topic #5: TBA

3 Readers rock!:

~Ashley said...

you're a great writer. i know you're stressing over it--it's so little space and so much to say. i'm sure you'll get some inspiration in the near future. i just talked about what role i thought i'd like to eventually play as a doctor to my patients, and how i finally came to my FM decision. i know that i'm in a totally different field than you, but i'd be happy to share mine if you want to look at it!

Katie Wentworth said...

I HATE personal statements! Luckily, havent had to write one in a long time :) Sorry, did I just rub that in a little?? ;)
Do you need to postpone lunch on Friday?? I want the future Dr Mrs McHugh in top form for her exam so completely understandable if so!!

barrie said...

Do you remember telling me about the doc you saw who gave you the news that you were preggers with Colin? And how you would do it very differently if you chose to become an OB? Maybe you should tell that story :-)