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Nov 23, 2007

Best Day Ever!

Since I'm sure you'll be forced to hear many accounts of essentially the same story with different people, I'll let the dogs tell you how our day went.

Myra: It was the best day EVER! First I got to sleep on the bed! So I got to wake up ON the bed! Right in between my two people! Best thing ever!

Sally: I slept downstairs because I smell and am not allowed on the bed. This is a much better arrangement anyway, because I sneak onto the guest bed and get the whole thing to myself. And it's about 15 degrees warmer downstairs anyway.

Myra: Then we got to go for a ride! In the car! My favorite!

Sally: We drove for an hour and half up to Cincinnati. I totally discovered the outside of the car on this trip. I can't believe that I usually sleep through this part. It was great to watch all the things go by so fast. We finally got to the place, but then we had to sit in the car for three hours while the people went in to the warm house and ate lots of food. Luckily, my dad loves us and he came out and let us run around and sniff the blessed Cincinnati soil. Also, he brought us treats. Lucky he did that, since my mom doesn't love us and forgot to bring any food for us the whole day.

Myra: Yeah! That was awesome! Then we got to drive again! The best!

Sally: Then we drove to Louisville, which was way more fun. I slept for this ride, figuring that highways were highways. When we finally got to this place, we got to run around in the yard and go inside where there were all kinds of people and tons of food that everyone gave me!

Myra: Yep! And there were KIDS there! I love kids! This was the best thing ever! And we got to chase the cats and bark at the neighbor dog and eat lots of leftover turkey and lick the sticky small kids! It was awesome!

Sally: We stayed there for a long time and I went to sleep on the floor because all the people were just sitting around. When we finally left, I couldn't see anything outside because it was so dark. So I slept the whole way home.

Myra: Yeah! Me too! It was great! Then I got to sleep in the bed! AGAIN! And I got the whole side of the bed this time because my dad was making bad smells so my mom kicked him out! It was so cool!

Sally: I shared my guest bed with my dad. Even though he smelled. We smelled bad and snuggled together. It was great.

Myra: It was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Well, folks, there you have it. Lots of food, lots of family, lots of fun. Just like all the other thanksgivings. I didn't get to see The Best Nephew Ever because he was at the other family's house. I'm going to hog him for Christmas, though.

Hope you all are happy and well-fed today!

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Anonymous said...

did your daddy have meat farts? my daddy has meat farts! they are worse than cabbage farts! but i dun care cuz I love to smell things... like farts!
ur doggie frin Molly