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May 20, 2008

Life and Growth

I wish the makers of the weekly emails detailing the latest development of your fetus would STOP WITH THE FOOD ANALOGIES ALREADY.

This week, apparently the Turnip has grown to the size of a Large Banana. That is just weird.

In other news, I am still studying for boards and have not died yet from the constant low grade panic that accompanies such an activity. I think that this is a good sign. I did two sets of questions today, my first attempt, and scored a 40% and a 46%. While I was near tears grading them, the percentages are actually Not Catastrophic. (They are not yet to the level of Not Awful, but we'll get there.) After all, 55% is passing and I've got three weeks left! I am encouraged, but will be spending more time on practice questions from now on.

1 Readers rock!:

Jen said...

don't worry - those practice blocks are so hard and those percentages are a great start. I remember feeling the same way.

And the food analogies won't end! We talk about uterine size in OB in terms of lemons, oranges, grapefruits correlating to different gestation age. It's all very yummy.