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Aug 14, 2008


I'm sorry that I haven't been good about posting lately. Things vary between being very, very mundane around here and kind of insanely busy. This combined with my ever deteriorating control over my emotions and my ever worsening memory and you have... the lack of ability to blog. There's either nothing to talk about or so much to talk about that I get overwhelmed and can't talk about it until later, at which point I've forgotten what it was to begin with. It is kind of a frustrating experience, to be truthful.

So I decided that I would post little blurbs, snippets from the day. You can probably get a good sense of the state of my brain from these little glimpses. And, from that sense, you'll probably be glad that you are on that side of the internet and are not any closer to me than you are.


How about Mortimer?

(pointed, deathly silence)


I've been having trouble with my appetite lately and, when I brought it up with my doctor on Monday, she said to eat whatever I wanted anytime, just to make sure I was still eating. So today I had ice cream for lunch. Cookies and Cream. Not even the low-fat kind. It was so overly indulgent that I almost couldn't do it. But I managed.


Last week I read the entire Twilight series. All four books in about two and a half days. I thought about doing a complete review of them, but decided that they weren't good enough to waste the energy. They really were terrible, so badly written, huge plot holes, completely ridiculous characters. But, somehow, they were riveting - I couldn't put them down. I have never really encountered this before, and hope to never again. Books that were so bad, with characters so unlovable and a plot so fantastical, but were nonetheless fabulous escapist fare. Anyway, thank God they're done now and I can move on with my life. However, I do seem to be incapable of starting my day without watching the Twilight trailers. What is wrong with me?


Last night I was talking to my mother, thanking her for the crib, and telling her that we got it all put together and everything is in place. I told her how weird it feels to have a completely functional nursery. Granted, most of the sheets and blankets and things are still in the wash and the decorations aren't finished yet, but the crib and changing table are assembled and placed and all of the STUFF is here and could be used any time that a need was delivered (so to speak). I was pretty proud of myself for being on top of things. She laughed and said that I was actually kind of behind in the game; when she was pregnant with the Baby Mama, she'd already had her for a week by the time she was as close to the due date as I am! It was at that point that I screamed and passed out, so I'm not sure how the story ended.


I am still going a little crazy not being with my class, but am finally coming to terms with it. This is helped immensely by the fact that it takes me a full minute to stand up from a seated position and that my legs and feet have taken to swelling whenever they are not propped up. My body is giving up on trying to maintain dignity in the pregnancy and now just refuses to work. I am a little grateful that I'm not working. It would not be pretty. At least this way I can be huge, uncomfortable, and a little crazy in the privacy of my own home.


I think that my friend broke up with her significant other and I'm really sad about it. However, I have only come to this conclusion based on her facebook relationship status and the comments that other people have made on her possibly former significant other's wall. This makes me think that I am a completely superficial and shallow human being who is not worthy of being a real (or facebook) friend to anyone, but I am really not close enough to these people to ask them about it directly. However I am actually really sad for them. I spent kind of a long time today thinking about what to do and finally decided to wait and see what other people say on their facebook walls. This made me even sadder. My kid will never have a facebook, I swear it. It eats your humanity.


The stuff that I said was really big and overwhelming is not included here and may not be included for awhile. It's some of that Life Stuff that takes awhile to sort out, so while we're waiting not-so-patiently for that to happen, we're stuck talking about the more pressing issues, such as what I will have for lunch tomorrow and how I don't fit into any clothes anymore, including materinity clothes.

More Crazy Talk tomorrow. Soon will be pictures of the Nearly There Nursery. Wee!

4 Readers rock!:

Xavier Emmanuelle said...

A) I'm with you. Mortimer is not an appropriate name for anyone who doesn't want to get beat up every day of junior high.

B) I, too, am completely addicted to the stupid book series. I just finished book 3, and now I NEED to read #4 to find out what happens, even though it's a huge time suck and not even well written!

Alykat said...

Mortimer was the name of my stuffed lamb when I was five. (Yes, I picked the name, which may make me as big of a nerd as Patrick)
Does he really want a stuffed lamb with a pink nose for a son???
I think NOT!

marymartha said...

What about Patrick Zeus McHugh?

or Leonard?

OK, cats are much easier to name...

Tho at first I thought he was talking about the mouse... Mortimer Mouse? that you all had...

Dragonfly said...

Now I have to see that movie (and read the books, crap though they may be).
There is a reason why Mortimer Mouse was renamed Mickey....