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Oct 26, 2008


This week, my mother, the Baby Mama, Brother-in-Law, and the Best Nephew Ever came for a visit. It is fantastically validating to have your family, people who know you and love you anyway, so fully embrace your new baby. Obviously, I love the little guy. I mean, he's mine. I made him. I have to love him. But when others come in and adore him almost as much as I do, when they fuss and fawn over him and sing his praises from the rooftop, I love them and him even more than I did before.

It certainly helps that the Baby Mama and B-i-L are totally baby crazy. They LOVE babies. My sweet B-i-L at one point said, "Can we puh-leeeze give him a bath? That would be so fun!" and totally meant it. So we did. And it was, truly, a lot of fun. (Well, not really for Colin.)



And we broke out this thing, which is apparently called a play yard. My B-i-L had more fun than Colin did. "Let him see the mirror! Show him the elephant! He's so CUTE!"

Play Yard

The Baby Mama is the same way. In fact, I actually missed Colin while she was here because I basically only saw him to feed him. As soon as he was finished, she would snatch him out of my arms again.

Baby Mama and Colin

This visit was the first time the cousins were allowed to interact. The family was here the weekend after Colin was born, and we were all too nervous about the 18 month old Best Nephew Ever's less than controlled excitement. But this time, we were all calmer and the kids were - well, there's just no other way to say it - adorable. The BNE would come up to Colin and, brushing his arm with just his index finger, say "touch the baby!" and squeal with glee.

Happy Cousins

Family invasions are the best.

Clean baby

4 Readers rock!:

barrie said...

You made him cry! Please don't do that!!!! It makes your dogwalker unhappy when the baby cries :-(

Tiff said...

These are awesome shots!! He is a such a cutie!
I'm feeling better, so maybe I could stop by sometime this week or something and see you guys??? I'll give ya a call.

Alykat said...

Squeeee!!!! I am in love with the baby and have never met the baby! Hopefully, I will get up to your neck of the woods before he is in HIS 3rd year of medical school....

Jen said...

he's so cute. Congrats! :)