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Nov 17, 2007

Things I Am Thankful For


That's all I can think about at this moment. I am so grateful for the existence of NyQuil and the miraculous presence of 2 little gelcaps in my closet last night that made it so I could sleep. I have this cold, see. And it makes my nose run off my face and it's progressed into a deep, hacking, awful cough. Awesome. As you may recall, I've been SO TIRED lately. I think I finally figured out why! I'm sick! AGAIN!


I think I'm going to go back on the Rhodiola. I wasn't ever sick when I was taking that, I slept better, felt better, thought better... you get the the idea. Hang the grades!

We'll see what I think come exam time.

Now, off to procure some blessed DayQuil!

1 Readers rock!:

Alexine said...

Was it the BEST DAY EVER???? :)