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Mar 7, 2008

Ha! Med School...

This week nearly killed me. Really, it did. Almost.

I mentioned before that this week and last were our "breaks" from path and pharm. We've been in psychiatry lectures for the last two weeks and it's been pretty interesting. However, this week... THIS WEEK. Has been awful. Breaks, they say.

Let me break it down.

MONDAY: Psych Exam #1. 3 hours of lecture AFTER the exam. Home Visit from Health Department (more about that another time...)

TUESDAY: Lecture all morning. Meetings in afternoon. Blind date with awesome blog reader. Afterwards, study like a fiend for Clinical Exam on Friday.

WEDNESDAY: Several meetings, including the one where I was reassured. Study like a fiend for the next psych exam and clinical exam, both on Friday.

THURSDAY: Meeting starting at 7:45am. Lecture all morning. Skip afternoon class to have several major breakdowns and potential friendship-ending conversations with several people regarding scheduling for third year. This continues into the evening, long past when I should be cramming for the craziness that is Friday. Restore (almost) all of the threatened friendships. Study until pass out.

FRIDAY: Psych exam #2. Cram hardcore for clinical skills exam in the afternoon. For exam, get 3 of the 4 diagnoses and generally do pretty well. Then frantically write essay detailing why people should choose me to be on their committee. Come home and frantically write letter begging to be excused from jury duty. Pass out while watching Brokeback Mountain with Patrick. Blog, finally.

SATURDAY: SPRING BREAK (while snowed in with the biggest winter storm all year)

As you can see, the week got worse as it progressed, but who cares!! I'm on spring break now!

*passes out*

2 Readers rock!:

marymartha said...

And thanks to the snow, you HAVE TO STAY HOME AND SLEEP. EAT DECADENT FOOD AND SNUGGLE!! No way around it. You have to!
Happy spring break...
loves ya.

Alykat said...

Home health department visit??? Was The Pickle using toxic fertilizer to grow her catnip AGAIN??? Silly old cat! ;)